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How to forgive those who have hurt you (part two)

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 9.25.09 pmIn my last post I shared with you five powerful reasons as to why forgiving those who hurt you matters. Most notably because holding on to the pain only serves to limit YOUR potential for YOUR life. In this post I want to share with you how to start exercising forgiveness and in doing so liberate yourself into an amazing future.


Just in-case you have not got it let me reiterate: Forgiveness is not about validating other people's wrongdoings but is about giving yourself permission to let go of the past, to move on from the pain and to gain new learnings and resources that will enable you to move into an even better future.


Forgiving the most painful…


Last week I heard the most powerful story that a beautiful woman shared with a group that I was facilitating. This lady shared her story of how her teenage daughter was killed by a drunk driver. Naturally this would be an incredibly painful situation in any parents life and the anger that one would feel towards the driver would be immense, right? However, this woman chose to forgive her daughters killer. Why? For the purpose of allowing herself to work through the pain and to live the life that she was still on planet earth to live. Powerful, hey?


Has someone in your life hurt you so bad but you just don't know how to forgive? Agree with me that today is the day for you to discover the real blessing of learning how to forgive so that you can truly be pain free. Let me show you how…


  1. We all have different maps


One of the most transformational truths that I have grasped is that we all have different maps of the world – whatever is right or wrong for you may be right or wrong for someone else. Someone else's right or wrong does not make you or them better, it's just different understandings. The moment that we grasp this we can begin to look at the actions of others not in a judgemental way, nor do we instantly perceive that they are out to get us – we just appreciate the difference. When we begin to understand that not everyone else views the world in the same way that we do and that their interpretation of the world does not mean that they are out to get us we can look with curiosity rather than pain.


What if that individual who you perceived as hurting you never actually meant to hurt you? what if according to their map they were actually stopping themselves from being hurt? Interesting isn't it?


Take some time out to acknowledge and explore other people's maps without taking them to heart or assuming that they are out to hurt you. As your understanding and perspective grows you are armed with the ability to perceive people as they simply are and in doing so liberate yourself to choose not to accept the way that others 'treat you'. You become free.


  1. A reflection of state


The way that others treat you is not always about you, in fact most often it is about them. When people hit out, lash out, act in a way that hurts more often then not it's a reflection of who you are or anything that you have done. More often than not the way that people treat you is based upon a reflection of what they think about themselves and what is going on in their life.


Want an example? How many times have you lashed out at a love one because either:


a) You had a crap day at work

b) You feel ill

c) You didn't sleep that great


Whatever it is that happened in your life that day the way that you chose to let off steam was to do that in the direction of someone that you care about, because you could be vulnerable, right?


Now get my point? If you let off steam to others in this way then couldn't it be the case that others do that to you too?


  1. Look at the gift


No matter what situation we find ourselves in or whatever life throws at us we can choose how we see that situation. Life throws crap at us every day – through the form of people, of situations and circumstances, those situations can either bring us down or we can look for the gift.


You cannot change the behaviour of the person that has hurt you but you can choose to see the gift:


Greater patience

More wisdom

New skills and resources that you can apply to other aspects of your life?


When someone hurts you make a decision to see the gift and allow that gift to enhance your life in an even greater way.


  1. Give your heart a time


I don't believe in the old saying that “time is a healer” if we allow time to do it's thing we fester, we think, we ponder, we reflect and we replay the pain time and time again. I suggest that you decide on a time that you will choose to deal with this situation by, that you will work through the hurt, overcome the pain and make a decision to forgive.


Ultimately you have one of two choices: You can choose not to forgive or you can choose to forgive using the strategies above. As soon as you make a heart decision to forgive you allow yourself to truly live the life that you were created to live. You want that, right?


[Update: 5/08/14 - I recieved the following comment from Nicola Simpson who shared the story regarding her daughter: 

A great topic and thank you so much for sharing my story. My daughter wasn’t killed by a drink driver though. He was inexperienced, having only passed his test three days earlier. Easy to miss with all the talking I did.

Forgiveness is a powerful feeling. It allows you to release and let go. My life is so much better without the anger and hatred that lived inside me.

I also agree that time is not a great healer. We have to choose to change for the better. This takes time but there is no set timeframe that this works. We are all so different. Great blog Mark.

Apologies Nicola. You can read more about Nicola's powerful story right here: www.abigailsrainbow.com ]


What are your 'forgiveness strategies', why not post a comment and share them with us?

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5 reasons why forgiving those who have hurt you matters (part one)

Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 12.05.37 pmWe have all been hurt by others in one way shape or form. Whether it’s a previous love who ended the relationship, a parent who we believe could have parented better, the words of your friends or a partner who has let you down. No matter who it was or what it was I am sure we can all agree on one thing: being hurt…. hurts.


The healing practice of forgiveness


Can I be totally honest with you? I can absolutely assure you that you are increasing the amount of pain that you feel over this event by choosing not to forgive. Yes I understand:


“He doesn’t deserve to be forgiven”

“You can’t forgive someone when they have done THAT”

“I will never forgive”


Not forgiving those who have hurt you serves only one purpose: To hurt YOU even more.

I love this quote (because it’s so true):


“Not forgiving is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die.”—Unknown


In part one of this blog post I want to share with you 5 reasons why it’s so important for you to practice forgiveness for the sole purpose of healing your life and becoming whole yourself.


1) Forgiving to empower you to live in the now


Typically when we don’t forgive people and we are so wrapped up in the hurt that they have caused that we go over and over and over it in our minds. We replay the story, the experience, the sounds, the emotions and when we do we constantly remain in that state of ‘hurt’. It’s exactly like watching a movie screen and seeing these events unfold time and time again. When you do this these feelings of hurt are always stuck in a place of being raw, so you feel that pain time and time again.


It is only when you forgive that you empower yourself to live in the now, to enjoy you life in this moment and start to live the amazing life that YOU were created to live irrespective of how others have treated you.


2) Forgiving to start afresh


The moment that you start to forgive the other person you are then able to start your life afresh by cutting chords with the past. When you run that movie of your painful experience time and time again you are looking through the eyes of a previous you, a more mature you. The you that exists now is wiser, older, has more learnings and has discovered new resources. When you cut ties with the former you, you are then catapulted into living your life with purpose, that’s a life you want to live, right?


3) Forgiving to attract awesome people in your life


When you are so caught up in a place of un-forgiveness your energy is low. The law of attraction states that we attract those who are resonating at a similar level to us. If you are resonating at a low level you will attract people into your life who moan and bitch about their problems, about their hurt and about their pain. The result is that you surround yourself with negative people. How utterly draining is this?


The moment you start to forgive and start that process of healing your outlook becomes more positive and your energy starts resonating at a higher value. When you resonate at this level you start to attract positive, purposeful and high value people into your life. Your energy changes, you have great friends and all of a sudden life starts to feel pretty damn amazing, the way that it was always intended to do so.


4) Forgiving to see new powerful learnings and create new resources

The moment we start to forgive is like opening up a closed window and having a new vision of our world and our live. When we drop the baggage of hurt we are no longer weighed down and we are free to float up and to survey the land around us. As we look at our world from this new vantage point we discover powerful learnings and unlock new resources within us – we change jobs, our finances improve, our relationships improve, we have the confidence to try things that we never thought that we could do.


Is it time that you dropped your baggage?


5) Forgiving as others forgive you


And here’s the big one. How many times have you hurt others? How many times have you let others down? Did they forgive you? Without knowing you I know that you have hurt others… am I some sort of mind reader? No. I know this because like me you are an imperfect human being – hurting others comes with the territory.


Have those that you have hurt forgiven you? Do you still have great relationships with them? Do they serve as an amazing role model as someone who has learn’t to forgive? You bet they do.


The reality is that we all hurt others and so as others have forgiven you it is more than time for you to forgive those who have treated you unjustly, isn’t it?


If you are still reading this post and you have got all the way down to the bottom my guess is because the un-forgiveness that you are holding is so painful for you that you are tired of it. Perfect, you are ready to start forgiving. In part two I am going to share with you how to forgive powerfully and perfectly.


Until then if you know of any other reasons as to why forgiving is important please do post in the comments below and share those with us.  

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5 instant absolute must-do’s if every week just feels the same

bored1Another weekend is over, you hit Monday once again but it all just feels, well, you know, the same! Whether it's the morning routine of getting up, fighting with the kids, school run, off to work or off to do some menial but important chores, home, dinner, kids to bed, a little bit of time to yourself but you are so exhausted for it to be any time of value. Suddenly you are back into the cycle the next day and before you know it you are wondering where the week went. Sound like you? Does every week feel the same?

You are not alone.

In fact you would be amazed at how many of my clients, as a life coach, talk about this monotony in their lives before explaining that suddenly the week's have turned into months and then into years, and before they know it they are asking themslves… what did I do with my life!

Life is absolutely amazing, it is an incredible and precious gift. No matter what stage of life you are in you should be living life to the absolute full, excited about every new week and the adventures that lay ahead.

If you get to Sunday night and you are dreading heading into "another same old week" here are 5 instant absolute must do's that you can use to spice your life up a lttle and live a life of adventure:

1) Start your own story

I leased a 200 acre-island in Fiji and started my own story, that story gained worldwide media attention and eventally became a 5 part prime time show. Your story does not have to be so grand (or expensive) however you can still start your own incredible adventure.

Did you ever hear about the Canadian guy who set up a website to trade paperclips, his goal was to keep trading up to something better until he got a house. He did it and got an awesome book deal along the way.

What could you do? Find out what your local highstreet looked like on the same day every day for the past 50 years? Find as many people in the world with the exact same name as you? Start a new crazy in your local community? Feed the homeless people or teach something important to young people.

Within every individual there is a story, in many cases waiting to be written. Why don't you start your own story, today?

2) Meet new people

Meeting new people is fun, even if you don't like them, bond with them or have the same interests. Have you checked out MeetUp.com which is a site that enables people in communities all over the world (including yours) to start a meeting – it may be going for local works, it may be table tennis, it may be trying out a new restauraunt per week. There are meet ups of every sort to cater for every variety of person and interest. Why don't you take a look at the website and make a decision to join attend one meetup per month – you never know what will happen!

3) Start a part time business

Starting a part time business is a great way to have fun, to meet people and to try your hand at doing something that you would never had done before. I have a friend who has started a children's clothing business in her spare time, another friend of mine takes new people to the town on tours and walks. We all have hobbies and interests and you can often find that if you expand these a little bit you will have fun, meet people and generate cash as a bonus. (My friend who sells children's clothes uses the money to go away on a lovely holiday once a year!)

4) Create a 'live life once' list 

We have all heard of bucket lists but I encourage people to create a 'live life once' list. Your list should contain all the things that you would never think about doing. What crazy adventures could you undertake if you start to try out some of the things that you had firmly decided that you would never do… acrobat lessons, chinese cooking, skydiving, karaoke… 

The 'live life once' list is not about making sure you get a list of things accomplished before you die but instead it is trying out those things that you always said you wouldn't do, that you decided was typically not you. The way to do these things is to 'act as if' it was you.

The reality is that we limit ourselves, our fun and our experiences by determining that we would never do certain things. Free yourself from the shackles that you have placed yourself under and go and have fun!

5) Change it up a bit!

Now I understand that you get bored of the same old week but how much of this repition do you create for yourself… the same meals, same tv shows, hanging about with the same people. Make a decision to change up your week, this week. Why don't you go for a walk a couple of times a week? After dinner at home why not head out for dessert? Join a local sports club or knock on your neighbours door and ask if they want to hang out.

Seriously, the more we bring fun, variety and adventure into our week the more that we truly start to love the life that we live, we push ourselves more and open the door of opportunity to new experiences. So, what are you going to do different this week?

If you have any other ideas to add to the list why not add them as a comment under this post? It would be great for the community to see them!

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5 ways to develop a dominion mindset and powerfully live your life

7933425_f260In The Dominion Mindset: The key to living your life at level 2 (part one) I shared with you how there are two types of people, those who live their lives at level one and those who live their lives at level two. As a very quick summary, those who live their life at level two are:


Level Two Living: Level two citizens are characterised by the success that they have achieved – financial success, relationship success and social success. Such individuals are not interested in the gossip of the lives of those around them and they won't be found spending hours in front of the TV. Why? Because they are consumed with a purpose, with a reason for being. Those who live life at level two are bursting with energy and a deep profound passion for life. Level two's are usually found to be the centre of the gossip of those living life at level one.


So, hands up who wants to live their life at level two? Okay, I saw your hand. Let's do this. I am going to share with you 5 ways that you can develop a dominion mindset and as a result live your life at level two.


1) Own every single event in your life.


How often do you blame everyone else for your 'shit'. Seriously… the partner's fault, the children's fault, your friends fault, your parents fault, your first boyfriend is to blame or the struggles that you face are as a result of the government or those in power and on and on.

Every single individual has 'stuff' going on in their lives. If they did not, they would not be human beings. But it is your choice to either remain at cause or effect.


If you live your life at effect it means that you are the mercy of everyone and everything else – from finances, to people, to governments. If you live your life at effect you blame everyone else for your own situation and indeed until you move to cause you will always remain in the position of 'stuck' and live a lifestyle that you hate.


To live your life at cause means that you totally appreciate that the actions of others can influence certain outcomes in your life but rather than existing at a place of blame you have an awareness that you are in control of your destiny. No matter what life throws at you, you have your baseball bat at hand ready to knock out some sweet curve balls as you power through life choosing to life the life that you desire.


Will you choose to live your life at cause or effect?


2) Time wasting or life making?​


Those who live their life at level one seriously waste their time in idol gossip, watching TV, living the same day like the one before and generally walk through life in a zombie like state. Is this you?


Those who live their life at level two are life making: They have a vision and a plan for their lives, they wake up every day excited to live a brand new day, eager to chase what life has for them in this moment. Those who life their life at level two live their life with energy and passion knowing that they exist on planet earth for a purpose, for a reason.


Are you making something of your life?


3) You are a vessel through which money flows through you.


Those who live their life at level one live constantly in fear of money, they view money as something that is near impossible to get hold of so when they do have money they store what little they have and are constantly looking for the 'bargains'. When you view money in this way you live a life of meagre existence because you are continually trying to refill a small pot of money that is always being emptied. Largely because of this attitude of money those who live their life at level one spend what they do have on things to make them feel happy, but only for a moment – smoking, drinking, gambling etc.


Those who live their life at level two understand that there is enough money out in the Universe, it is not some finite resource which they need to hold on to. When you change your mentality and start to live your life this way you look for opportunities to save and invest, you look at how you can grow your financial base and you realise that the more you give, the more you get.


If you have a fear of money then I want to encourage you to test this principle – experience what life is like when you see yourself as a vessel through which money flows. Try it for a day – relax about money and see what opportunities open for you. Try it for a week, how much can you save in order to invest and what return can you make as a result?


When you choose to see yourself as a vessel through which money flows endless doors of possibility open up for you and you start to realise that you have enough money for all the needs that you have in your life.


4) Invest time into personal growth.


Those that live their life at level one cease their education as soon as they possibly can. Those who are passionate about living life to the full and do so at level two are so eager to become the very best person that they can be and so are hungry to commit themselves to personal development.


If you want to take living your life at level two seriously and really want to start growing as a human being I encourage you to start with my free course 30 days to kick-start your life change.


5) The live life once mentality.


Ultimately, those who live their lives at level two exist with a mentality that as far as we are aware we live life once. With such a profound awareness they choose to have a hunger for their lives, they will not sit and wait for opportunities, they will go and make them. They will not be hung up on grudges, but will seek to build relationships. Those at level two will live hard, love hard and play hard knowing that we have one opportunity to make the mos of this previous gift that we have called 'life'.


Is it time that you made the life changing leap and start to live your life at level two?

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Life Change TV: Dawn Westmoreland – whistleblower, victim of workplace bulling and now changing the system

I am so excited to share with you this interview with Dawn Westmoreland who was a whistleblower after reporting prohibited personnel practices within the Veteran Affairs. Eager to shut Dawn down she was bullied and harassed but she never gave up. Dawn now shares her powerful story which includes her hospitalization in a psychiatric ward as a result of the hands of the VA. Dawn is now on a mission to help women who are bullied in the world place around the world.

To read more about Dawn's work head over to The Foundation of Respect

To take a look at my co-host Zoe B's works check out Simple Life Strategies

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The Dominion Mindset: The key to living your life at level 2 (Part One)

mindset2You did realise that you could live your life at level two, right? Let me break this down for you simply and easily:


Level One Living: Those who live their life at level one can easily be categorised by their money troubles as they always winding themselves up in debt, they love the local gossip (in fact they thrive off it!), they always have one drama or another in their life that they are quick to share with anyone who will listen. People who live their life at level one are merely existing, bumbling through life and not doing much with it. However, deep down they yearn for a better way of living.


Level Two Living: Level two citizens are characterised by the success that they have achieved – financial success, relationship success and social success. Such individuals are not interested in the gossip of the lives of those around them and they won't be found spending hours in front of the TV. Why? Because they are consumed with a purpose, with a reason for being. Those who live life at level two are bursting with energy and a deep profound passion for life. Level two's are usually found to be the centre of the gossip of those living life at level one.


So, which level do you live your life at? Be absolutely and totally honest with yourself.


Living life in between levels


Whenever I discuss level one and level two ways of living with clients, at workshops and seminars the majority of people's honest reflections are that they currently live their lives in between levels. Most people have one foot in both camps, for example they may have a fantastic relationships but they have absolutely no vision for their lives. They may be in a great career but they spend more than they earn so they are constantly in debt.


Are you living your life at level 1.5?

Are you living a middle of the road sort of live?

What's more… are you hungry for more?


The key to living life at level two: A dominion mindset


As some of you may know my undergraduate degree was Theology, the study of God, most notably I studied hermeneutics – the study of the bible. I want to go right back to the beginning of the bible, the book of Genesis were God created man. In Genesis 1:28 after God created mankind he gave man a mandate;


"And God blessed them, and God said unto them, “Be fruitful and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it; and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth.”


I want to transform your thinking by sharing with you the meaning of the original Hebrew words 'subdue' and 'dominion'.


The Hebrew for the word subdue is Kabash means 'enslave' or 'make subservient'. But here's the catch: it only means this when the party being subdued is already hostile. Not to subdue hostility would lead to death.


God specifically tells human beings to subdue anything in their lives, any worries, concerns or stresses that would stop us from living the incredible life, the level two way of living, that He created us to live.


The Hebrew for the word 'dominion' is radah which is a royal word. Therefore the word dominion within this verse refers to the dominating rule of a King.


When you think of a King do you think of someone who lives their life at level one or at level two. Does a King have financial struggles? Does a King exist with a purpose and authority? Is a King successful in all that they do?


Now with this knew understanding the mandate that God gives mankind is a very powerful one. God gives mankind, his creation the power to subdue anything that brings hostility to their lives. God tells his children to live life without worry, the life of a King, because that is the life that He always intended us to live. If you want to enjoy your life, to live life at level two then the key is to have a dominion mindset.


When hostility comes in your life – lack of purpose, financial troubles, the temptation to engage in activity that could ultimately bring death to your life (over-eating, over-spending, addictions of any kind), when it hostility comes into your life, as it does daily, you have two options:


1) To succumb and allow this hostility to not only swallow you up but to drag you down to a place where you don't think you can ever climb back up from and so, you stay there.


2) You take on board the dominion mindset of a King – you do not allow this hostility to overcome but you develop the mind of an overcomer. You stand strong, you stand firm and you push through and as you do so you forge your way past level one, straight through level 1.5 and you start continuously living a level two lifestyle. Life at level two means freedom, happiness, success, money successful relationships and stress free living.


Is it time that you started to develop a dominion mindset, live like a King and overcome in order to empower yourself to live the life that you know that you deserve?


Join me in part two where I will share with you 5 ways that you can develop a dominion mindset in your life.


But for now why not leave a comment and share with the community what the one thing is that you can do right now to develop a dominion mindset?

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Life Change TV: How one woman’s ‘I’ve had enough’ became a powerful catalyst to heal others

In this latest episode of Life Change TV, Zoe B interviews Hally Rhiannon-Nammu who's 'I've had enough' became a powerful catalyst for her to powerfully change the lives of others.

This inspiring interview really opens your eyes to the fact that whatever your situation is, whatever you experience in life and no matter how much adveristy you encounter you can always, always turn your situation around and bring about significant change as a result.

Take a look at Hally's work here http://www.creativebalancetherapy.com

To check out Zoe B's Simple Life Strategies please take a look at: http://www.simplelifestrategies.com

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5 ways to enjoy what life throws at you inspired by Coldplay’s Chris Martin

keep-calm-and-enjoy-life-408Now I am not naturally a music fan. Don't get me wrong, I do like music. The neighbours will often be able to hear me “singing” around the house at the top of my voice, but I don't listen to music all the time. On that basis it may surprise you that I have only just turned on (or tuned in) to Coldplay – not because of their music (which I do now love!) but because of a comment that Chris Martin made on TV last night with regards to the break up of his relationship with Gwyneth Paltrow. Discussing the pain that he experienced as a result of this separation Chris Martin stated;

"it's a joyful realization that you can't escape what life throws at you, so you just enjoy it"

What a profound truth! It's so true, isn't it? Whatever c*ap takes place in our lives we cannot change it and so we have to learn to use it to our own advantage.

In honour of this awesome piece of wisdom I wanted to share with you 5 ways to enjoy what life throws at you:

1) Turn lemons into lemonade.

We have no control over what life throws at us, we can't change it, we can't ignore it, we have to use the circumstances of life to our advantage. When life throws cr*p at us we have two choices: We can either wallow, get stressed and exist in turmoil which ultimately leaves us feeling ill or we can make a conscious decision to not simply 'see the positive' but to use the situation that we face to grow, to develop and be the absolute best that we can.

I promise you that if ignore choice number one and chase number two no matter what life throws at you, you will constantly be learning and improving. As you grow in this way you will become addicted to the challenges of life as you will see how these obstacles are sharpening you for something bigger.

2) Call time out

When life gets tough, when we argue, when the bills come in or we feel the pressure we try to make it all better by 'doing more'. For some crazy reason our mind tells us that if we work harder it will all be better. Again this is not true. Working harder makes us stressed and tired and consequently has a negative impact on everything that we love in our lives.

3) It's not THAT serious…

Take a moment to think about what REALLY stressed you out last year. What happened? Does that situation still have an impact on your life today? I doubt it. In fact how many times in your life have you built up something in your head to be so tragic and detrimental to your life and yet that very same thing has no impact in your life right now. We worry about things way too much, don't you?

No matter what life throws at you the situation is never as serious as you allow your mind to think it is.

The next time life throws a negative experience your way put it in perspective as quickly as possible recognising the situation for what it is and no more. 5) Never leave things too late It's easy to get caught up in the needs, the stress, the demands and the stuff that life throws at us. It's one thing after another, isn't it? As our to do list mounts, as the stress increases we put our hearts desires on the back burn. Whether it's a hobby, spending time with the family, a secret dream that you have for your life, whatever it is, here is the honest truth: Life is way too short.

Please never, ever get to the end of your life wishing that you had stopped running from one drama to the next and instead just took time out to enjoy life in the way that YOU wanted too. Life is absolutely beautiful, precious and special. Whatever life experiences come your way take heed of these 5 ways to really enjoy what life throws at you?

I would love to hear what other strategies and techniques you use to turn around the problems that you encounter, enabling you to enjoy your life as a result. Why not share your advice and experience in the comment section below?

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Life Change TV – Meet a real life positivity Princess

In this episode of Life Change TV Mark Bowness interviews Kelly Wash. Kelly shares her story of the pain that she experienced in childhood that resulted in an attempted suicide in later life and now Kelly is on a mission to inspire children to become Positivity Prince and Princesses.

For further information on Kelly’s work please take a look at http://www.positivityprincess.com

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In the face of death how would you live your life? #stephensstory

If you were told that you had an inoperable tumour what would you do? The reality is that we would all respond to such news differently and not one of us can be blamed or judged for what our response would be. But imagine what it would be like for a 16 year old boy to be told that he has an incurable cancer. Imagine how your world would shatter, or would it?

At the age of 16 year’s old Stephen Sutton was told that he had the uncurable disease and instead of questioning ‘why me?’ he set about to create a bucket list of all the things that he wanted to do before he died. Now, most people’s bucket lists would be based around meeting celebrities and visiting beautiful places in the world in the pursuit of ‘incredible moments’. Stephen’s bucket list naturally had some such goals however his main goal was to raise £10,000 for the Teenage Cancer Trust, to support other teenages going through his experience.

As the Nation of the UK started to get behind his story Stephen smashed the £10,000 goal at which point he boldly raised this goal to £1million. As Stephen continued to battle with his cancer he posted the following message on his Facebook page this week with the introduction ‘It’s a final thumbs up from me’:





Heartbreaking, hey? However this time is was the world that got behind Stephen’s goal of raising £1million to support teenagers who are experiencing cancer themselves and on the morning of the 23rd April 2014 the world had joined forces with Stephen to raise £1million. In fact, only 12 hours later the total is close to hitting £1.5million – incredible.

I have lost count of how many comments I have read relating to Stephen that have mentioned that his story, his passion for live and his bravery in the face of death has reduced them to tears. Indeed, upon reading Stephen’s story my own tears fell.

What absolutely bowls me over most is the way that Stephen is handling the end of his life, he stated that he wanted everyone to know that he was in a good place mentally and that he was at ease with his situation. Here are his own words;

“It’s a final thumbs up from me! I’ve done well to blag things as well as I have up till now, but unfortunately I think this is just one hurdle too far. It’s a shame the end has come so suddenly- there’s so many people I haven’t got round to properly thank or say goodbye too. Apologies for that.

There was also so many exciting projects and things I didn’t get to see out. Hopefully some will continue and if you want to carry on the fundraising please do (justgiving.com/stephen-sutton-TCT
is the link to donate to).

All future updates on this page will probably be from a family member. I hopefully may have the energy to write a few tweets (@_StephensStory). I will continue fighting for as long as I can, and whatever happens next I want you all to know I am currently in a good place mentally and at ease with the situation.

That’s it from me. But life has been good. Very good.

Thank you to my mum and the rest of my family for everything. Thank you to my friends for being amazing. Thank you to my medical team for the hard work and effort they’ve continually they’ve put towards me. And thank you everyone else for sharing this wonderful journey with me.

I love you all x”

Powerful, hey?

Now for one moment I want you to think about your own life – how are you living? Are you living live with the attitude that you can do anything, be anything, create anything or raise any amount of money or do you moan about going to work, wish you always had more, and be critical of those around you?

The reality is that we all face death, every single day. The difference is that Stephen knew that his time had come and so he was forced to make a decision on how he should respond – negative or positive, destructive or life changing. In the face of death Stephen chose to life his life.

You and I don’t know when our time is up – it could be today, it could be when we are 100 years old – we don’t know. However, we are faced with the reality that our time could be up any moment.

Don’t get me wrong the point of this blog post is not to depress you, but to inspire you. Whatever your situation is you can change, whatever the source of your unhappiness is, it can be turned around, whenever life seems dark, the light can be turned on.

We all face the possibility of death, every single day. So, in the face of death how will you live your life?

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