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The Reason Why

Imagine a world where instead of living a treadmill existence and living a life of overwhelm, stress and anxiety in order to pay the bills, every single individual was in hot pursuit of living the life that they were created to live. A life of no bullshit and no compromise.

What would that look like?

In what ways would you treat your family, friends and loved one`s differently? In fact, in what way would you treat yourself differently? And ultimately, what impact would you have on planet earth as a result?

How much happier, joyful and vibrant would the world be?
How much abundance would flow into the world?
That is the life that we, at Life Change The Revolution are committed to living.

Every single screwed up problem that exists in the world has an answer and that solution is found within the lives of those who are brave enough to face their fears, to challenge their actions, to destroy their limiting beliefs and negative behaviours in order to become the person that they were created to be.

Every single individual was created to live, lead and leave a life changing legacy, to know that their time on earth was about something. In fact two of the core human needs are growth and contribution – that we either grow and evolve as human being, or we simply stagnate and die. And that we become utterly addicted to contributing to the world in a way that has a lasting impact beyond our life time.

This is the core purpose of Life Change The Revolution, to build a powerful movement, a tribe of people who look at themselves in the mirror eyeball to eyeball and build a life that they are truly happy with, a life that ultimately has a significant role and purpose on planet earth the life that you were created to live.

It all starts with a decision, a decision that you are no longer going to accept mediocre in your life, but are going to do whatever it takes to pursue the greatness that lies within you.



The key to living the life that you were created to live is to tackle your road blocks head on, is to deal with your limiting beliefs and your fears and unlock the tools and resources within you to see the most successful you powerfully rise. The second key is to surround yourself with a community of people who are vulnerable, honest, open, supportive and who are already doing it.

We, you, this site, this community are dedicated to lead a revolution of people who are committed to the pursuit and the discovery of living the life that they were created to live.

There must be more to life than this?

Is the first question that people ask on their discovery to living the life that they were created to live, it is the first question that leads to this site. It`s the first honest question that leads people like you on the most incredible journey of discovery.

If you have asked yourself this question, one of the following will resonate with you.

  • You know that the life that you are living now is standing in the shadows of the life that you were created to live.
  • You feel lost and let down, often taking it out on those around you, those who you love most, but you just don`t know where to turn.
  • Every single day you feel as though it`s groundhog day, running the same routines over and over again to get the same unhappy result.
  • You are sick and bloody tired of some of the limiting beliefs and destructive behaviours that you operate in your own life.

You will feel as though everyone and everything else is controlling your life and that ultimately you are loosing the battle of living the life that you know you were created to live.

  • You know that you were created for something more.
  • You want to share this desire with a community of people who feel the same, a community of people who will challenge you to the core to help you get there.
  • You don`t know where to start.

You were born to impact the
world in the most amazing way
and deep down you know it.

The world needs you to take ownership of your life and to live the life that you were created to live. It`s now or never. In fact it is my belief that many problems that the world faces would be solved, if people like you and me just stood up and lived how they were created to, how they were intended to.

This journey is not easy – it`s confronting, it`s challenging and it requires nothing but complete and utter dedication but the results are worth it. There are a whole bunch of other people who ask the same, is this it questions that you do. Who share your beliefs. They`re on this page right now, reading this along with you. They are all over the world.

You`re in good company.

The first step is to:

Register for Mark Bowness’ FREE 7 Days To Kickstart Your Life Change Course

that will enable you to take see your life in a different way, to access new strategies and tools that will enable you to take control and to ultimately start gaining a glimpse of the life that you were created to live.

A little about The Name

Life: The existence of an individual human being

Change: The act of process through which something becomes different.

Revolution: A forceable overthrow in favour of a new way of doing things.

Life Change The Revolution:

To forcibly challenge the fears, obstacles and damaging behaviours in your life in pursuit of committing yourself to living a life that has the most profound impact on planet earth.

What is the life that YOU
were created to live?

We all have dreams, passions and gifts that if we fully released into the world, would make the world an amazing place to live in, a world in which you would become addicted to waking up in every single day, simply to see what`s next?

It is this life, the one that you desire to live, that it is our goal to unlock. Whether the life that you were created to live is to be the best role model to a future generation, whether it`s ensure that there is no homeless in your local community, or whether it`s to find a cure for cancer. Whatever the life that you were created to live is it`s important that the world has the opportunity to meet the highest, version and best version of you.

And so now it is time to start your life change revolution. If you have got to the end of this page, if you are reading these words and right now your heart is racing. Make a decision to take the first step to living the life that you were created to live and join 1000`s of others who are committed to unleashing the most amazing version of themselves.

It`s time, isn`t it?

You can start this moment, right now, and in seven days you will have embarked upon an incredible process of discovering and unlocking who you were really created to be.

Let`s do this.


7 Days to Kickstart Your Life Change

7 Transformational Modules, 30 “Let`s Get Real” Questions,
Workbooks, Hacks, Q&A Webinars, 6000+ Community and more!


But who am I to say this?

I`m Mark.

I am no different to you in that I got to a stage in my life where I was asking myself, is this really what life is meant to be all about? You see, let me be vulnerable here: At the age of 26 years old my marriage ended, I hit rock bottom and that night, after a few beers I googled most quickest and painless way to die and I attempted to wipe my existence off of the face of the planet.

The next day I woke up in hospital with a profound understanding of how precious life is – that you can touch it, play with it, interact with it, create it and mould it. Previously I saw my future as a dark future that I didn`t want to walk into and now I saw it as a blank canvas on which I could paint whatever picture I wanted.

Over the next seven days I committed myself to learning principles and techniques to ensure utter life transformation. I was totally on fire to live the life that I was created to live and only three months later I launched Tribewanted, a business in Fiji that was featured in 200 media outlets around the world, including Good Morning America, Today Show and The New York Times, it was filmed for 18 months and became a 5 part prime time TV Show that aired in the UK, America and Australia.

I had unlocked the keys, tools and resources to totally transform my life and I embarked on a mission to build a community of people who would be in hot pursuit of living the life that they were created to live and impact the world in the most amazing way.

Over the past 10 years I have run experiments on myself and others to understand how we can fast track changes in our lives and how we can shortcut our own success in order to transform our own lives and the planet.

I started to notice that people were feeling the same as me. Whether it was running events in Australia, 1:1 work with people in the UK, or dedicating my time to incredible people on a remote Fijian Island, I noticed that people were being open about the fact that they wanted more out of life and that they were wiling to do whatever it took to change. I started to train in the techniques of NLP, hypnosis, strategic intervention and spiritual practices in order to help people make shifts and changes, faster. It turns out to be incredibly fulfilling work and incredibly important.

Click here to read all about the challenges that I have set for myself to ensure that I live a limitless life! (and follow my progress!)

The following beliefs
drive most of my actions:

  • For most people it`s time to cut the bullshit, to get real with themselves and open the door the opportunity of living the life that you were created to live.
  • You were born with the most amazing skills within you that enable you to create the most incredible life.
  • In order to live the life that you want you have to be brutally honest and take serious action, with the right tools and techniques to support your life change.
  • There is a different way for you to live more of a fulfilled life, you simply need to know the right tools and techniques for you.
  • Kickstarting your life change is not impossible, but our minds feed us a bullshit lie to tell us that change is hard.
  • The change that we need most in our life, often comes from as a result of a deeper understanding of who we are, but most of us are afraid to go that deep.
  • Being in a community of like minded people, who are honest, open, vulnerable and in pursuit of doing whatever it takes to win their life is essential.

If you share any of these values, you are most definitely in the right place. There are big things to come for your life and I would be honoured to support the biggest thing that is about to happen in your life…. your life change.

Welcome to Life Change the Revolution.

Let`s do this!

See you inside. Mark Bowness