Live Life Limitless

on February 29, 2016

“What would you do if ANYTHING was possible?” We have all had THIS conversation, haven’t we?

Maybe you would leave your job and start a business, perhaps you would take a helicopter ride or climb a mountain, maybe you would put a $1000 bet on your favourite team just because life is way too short.

Now, here’s the thing… life IS way too short. We live life only once, that’s it. Life is to be challenged, pushed, probed, created and re-created. Life is to be lived to the absolute full. I was recently thinking about how we have each been created with the infinite inside us, literally, if you think about it. Human-kind, has the same bag of bones, the same cells flying around our bodies and the same chemical reactions taking place in our brains. It is the same exact bodies that you and I have that conceived and created the aeroplane, that ensured that man landed on the moon, that created the computer. In fact everything you see, touch, play with and use was created in the mind of man that brought that thing into reality. We really do have limitless potential inside each and every one of us.

It’s time to create your live life limitless list…

So I decided that if life really is limitless I want to experience life in all it’s fullness. I want to know what it’s like to live life as a prince, to live life as a pauper, to experience adrenaline, to increase my skills, to learn new things and to see new places. I made a decision to create a list of things I wanted to do, in my life time, to ensure that I experience the magic of life to it’s full expression. As I tick an item off this list I will create a blog post to inform you of how it went, of what I experienced and how I grew or changed as a result. This list is not exhausted, it’s simply the beginning and new experiences, new challenges and new adventures will be added.

Some items of my live life limitless list may seem easy to you, that everyone could do them, and some are. You may think that some items on the list are crazy, insane or stupid, they will be and that’s the beauty of creating a list of things to experience that enables you to live life limits. And so, over to my live life limitless list…

– Take a helicopter ride

– Take a ride in a hot air balloon

– Bring together 30 celebrities to write a book

– Write and publish my Seven Days To Kickstart Your Life Change book

– Go skydiving

– Take an asian cooking class

– Sing a song at karaoke and sound absolutely amazing!

– Learn to drive a car, yup I can’t do this yet!

– Take up acting classes, I have always wanted to

– Have 1million people go through my soon to be launched Live Life Limitless Programme

– Go scuba diving

– Swim with sharks

– Launch a global day of life change

– Visit the Great Barrier Reef

– Find a sport that I love!

– Visit every single capital city

– Buy a jetski

– Live in a house near a beach

– Convince Ellen to launch a cool project with me!

– Live like James Bond for the weekend

– Learn to speak french, fluently

– Write a best selling book

– Give in ways that the world could never imagine

So, that’s a great start and more will certainly be added. If you are reading this list and feel as though you could help me to achieve one of these projects in some way then please do contact me!

Now, comment below and share with the community what items are on your live life limitless list. Can’t wait to read them.

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  • Write a best selling book. Live off grid. Learn how to fly. I have a dream to help people who live in “shanty towns” to become self sustainable and help them to get back their pride. (Many people have lost everything due to circumstances and feel like giving up.)

    • Love this Wayne! Learn how to fly… I would love to fly a helicopter, in fact I have just added it to the list. Great passion helping people in “shanty towns”… I have spent some time in the slums of Nakuru, Kenya and the poverty is heartbreaking. Amazing to read your live life limitless list! :)