The 15 Rules of OUR Revolution
Are you in?


We choose to be family. Family are for life.

If you commit to living the life that you were created to live, if you commit to leaving a legacy that will represent your time on earth for generations to come, you will always be welcome here. This is your home, we make a choice to be family and we check in on family to support one another, to see how each other is doing. Family commit themselves to each other’s success.


This is a “we” thing, not a “me” thing.

This belongs to us – to me, to you, to us. Each and everyone of us contributes to starting a life change revolution in our own lives, our streets, our cities and in the world. We are a group of people who are passionately committed to having a profoundly positive impact on the world. We chose to make it our responsibility to see ‘life change’ flow like a river, wherever we set our feet. There is no “guru” only “us,” learning, growing and sharing together.


We make the very best decisions
and choices for our lives

The pursuit of life change means that we make a decision about who we are and what we do, even in the secret places. We continuously choose to place ourselves with people, places and situations that inspire us to be the absolutely best version of ourselves. We make decisions about who is in and who is out of our lives in the knowledge that the doubters will encourage us to stumble and fall but those with bigger dreams than ours will inspire us to even greater things.

We equally choose to be the individual that will inspire the rest of our family members to pursue greatness.


We are in hot pursuit of living
the life that we were created to live,
of leaving an incredible legacy.

We know that life is precious, that we live life once. We commit ourselves to understanding who we are, what makes us tick. We know our strengths, we know our weaknesses, we understand our values and our own definition of success. We know the good, the bad and the ugly and yet we are still adamant that we are here for a purpose and we won’t stop until our mission on earth is complete. A successful mission is based on the mastery of self, and that’s what we are committed to do, to become the most amazing version of ourselves every single day.


The greatest failure is in never doing.

You have a purpose here on planet Earth. Through the fulfilment of your purpose lives will change – businesses will be created to solve employment problems, a cure for cancer will be found. New inventions will be created, homelessness and poverty will be wiped out. The only way that any of this can happen is if you get up, every single day and hold yourself accountable to your own success. Every wall is to be leaped, every dead end is to be conquered in the knowledge that you are getting closer and closer to the realisation of your dream. Failure doesn’t exist, simple.


We are all ‘elders’ who impart wisdom.

In Fiji no matter who you are in the tribe, you share your story. Every life experience, every piece of knowledge gained, every idea, every thought is valuable. No matter who you are or where you are from you have wisdom to share. We always impart wisdom and we always respect the wisdom of each other.


We are all superstars.

In this particular moment of history you are a superstar. Your moment on planet Earth is now. There is absolutely no time for negative thinking, lack of belief or owning the negative words of others in your life. Your Human Being status gives you incredible opportunity, provides you with immense talent and gives you the ability to live a life that is beyond your wildest dreams. Own this… you are a superstar and now is your time to shine. Let’s do it.


We will never value money
more than “life change”.

Sure, money is important. We need to meet our basic needs – keep a roof over our heads, pay for food and the things that we need in life. However, when the balance of the pursuit of our desire is in the favour of money over life change we always, always have money issues. It is only when you pursue being the very best for yourself, those around you and the world does money flow. When you pursue life change above all else money naturally comes as a result of the amount that you give.


We strive to beat our own personal best.

It’s pointless looking at those in our family and seeking to be as good as, or better than them. You are unique, beautifully and wonderfully unique. The only individual that we are in competition with is ourselves and we strive to beat our personal best, in all areas of our lives, always.


Excuses will never rule our lives.

Not enough money, not the right contacts, not the right education. If we fill our lives with excuses we will never become all that we were created to be. If we are asked a question and we hit a block in chasing our dream, we check in on ourselves. If we start to allow any excuse to stops us in our tracks we will blow that excuse apart.


We allow life to be nothing but fun.

When we hate Monday’s, when we allow people to frustrate us, when the smallest things place us in a negative state, we are never every truly being all that we can be. We make a decision to explore life, to engage with it, to interact with it, to mould it and play with it. We make a commitment to ensuring that our life is fun and we determine to be nothing but fun in the lives of others too. We live life to enjoy it.


We live in a world where everything is possible.

The only limits in our lives are the ones that we place on ourselves. We abolish limits, push our fears and overcome boundaries. We will never choose to accept to live in a world of “I can’t” but will keep pushing, trying and experimenting until “I can”.


We take serious action.

The only way to push boundaries and to make the impossible, possible is by taking action. We never know until we try, we never master until we break through. We determine to take action in every area of our lives.


We believe and lead our community.

We acknowledge that we have been placed in our community for a purpose, for a reason. We choose to take a lead in our community. We take responsibility for the homeless, for the unemployed and for the unhappy. We make a choice, every single day, to ensure that our neighbours become our friends, to smile at strangers, to give gifts of love and physical gifts whenever we see fit. We see ourselves as leaders within our community and we lead a movement of powerful life change whenever we see that it is our responsibility to do so.


We are life change instigators in our own lives, in our streets, in our neighbours and in our cities.

We have a deep down belief that every individual was created for a purpose, a secret dream to be fulfilled. We also know that each one of us has secret dreams surrounding the incredible future of our communities. If every single individual was created to do something awesome then those who make up a community are created to do something awesome too. We are a catalyst for life change wherever we set our feet, we bring people together, communities together and we exist to determine two key questions: How can we change our community? And How can our community change the world?

This is OUR Revolution, are you in?

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